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Arima Onsen – When Nene Meets Hideyoshi (Kansai, Japan Trip 2012, Day 15)

Arima Onsen, needless to say, is a place full of hot springs. Arima hot springs are rare worldwide ones containing lots of minerals and natural ingredients.  There are 7 ingredients out of 9 main ingredients (simple hot spring water, carbon dioxide spring water, hydrogen carbonate spring water, chloride water, sulfate water, ferruginous water, sulfur water, acid water, and radioactive water) designated as ones to be included for medical treatment.

There are many accommodations available in Arima, one can go the high-end way, spending the nights at onsen ryokans or go the economical way, staying at the Arima No Kobo (Arima Craft Center). The accommodation is called Koyado Touji, about 9000 yen per night per twin room. With the room keys, one can go for a free dip in the 金の湯 (Kin-No-Yu) and 銀の湯 (Gin-No-Yu)。

IMG_6574 IMG_6584

In Arima, you can also find 2 interesting statues looking at each other from a far. They are none other than Toyotomi Hideyoshi and his wife, Nene.

IMG_6589 IMG_6587

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