Memories of your trip: Making a photobook

Our memories of our trips are usually captured as photos. We used to develop these photos but nowadays with the use of digital cameras, we usually upload the photos to social networks or other platforms to share with family and friends. But personally, I still prefer to flip through a photo album and recollect the bits and pieces of my trips.

Last year, I’ve bought a voucher for creating a photobook with Photobook Express during NATAS fair. I was given a CD that contains the photobook editing software. All I need to do is to arrange my photos in an interesting layout with text (optional). Upon completion, I just upload my photos online and they will print the photobook for me. I can choose to collect at their workshop or showroom at Peninsula Plaza.

The quality of their photobook is very good and they even adjust the colours and lighting for some of my photos so as to achieve optimum printing results. In all, I’m very satisfied with their service.

Photobook Express:

Another website which I go to make photobook is Snapfish by HP. Their photobooks are cheaper but the quality is not as good as Photobook Express.

Snapfish Singapore:


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