A different MRT station in Kaohsiung (Taiwan 2011, Day 2)

After we finally found Wu Pao Chun Bakery, we decided to shop and eat till we drop. We went to Shinkuchan (新堀江) to shop. It’s quite a good place to shop with many MIT (Made in Taiwan) and Korean fashion at affordable prices. After we are done with our shopping, we made a move to Urban Spotlight (城市光廊), Love (爱河) and finally to Liuhe night market (六合夜市) to satisfy our hunger.

I’m not going to write about Liuhe night market here as I think there are already many guide books and blog entries on it. Instead, I want to talk about the MRT station that one gets off at to go to Liuhe night market – Formosa Boulevard station (美丽岛站).

The station is a piece of artwork. The entrances/exits are made of glass, kind of reminds me of Lourve. The most special part is its “Dome of Light” inside the station. It is the world’s largest one-piece of stained glass artwork and is designed by Italian artist Narcissus Quagliata.  The artpiece presents 4 themes: water, earth, light and fire, each representing birth, growth, glory, destruction and rebirth respectively.

Beside this beautiful artpiece, there is also a 3D pavement art by Su Chia-Shian. The 3D art is entitled “Magnificent Temple˙Apelus”.

For those of you who’s going to Liuhe night market, don’t forget to stop by the station to take some photos of the artwork!


One thought on “A different MRT station in Kaohsiung (Taiwan 2011, Day 2)

  1. Kaohsiung has some really cool MRT stops. I just hope that they can gain some more passengers because the MRT is currently losing a ton of cash. Great place to photograph.

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