The 5 Wonders of Alishan (Taiwan 2011, Day 3 & 4)

The 5 wonders of Alishan are my greatest anticipation of this Taiwan trip. However, I only managed to catch 2 wonders. I’m a bit disappointed but still enjoyed my Alishan trip.

What are the 5 wonders of Alishan?

  • Alishan Forest Railway (铁路)
  • The forest trail (森林)
  • Sunrise (日出)
  • Sunset (晚霞)
  • Sea of clouds (云海)

Upon arriving at our hotel, Ho Fong Villa Hotel (禾枫别墅), we rested for a while in the room and then set off to catch the sunset. However, due to the weather, we did not manage to catch the best sunset as it was misty. But nevertheless, we took photos of the coloured sky.

After that, we shopped around for souvenirs and had dinner. We then retired for the night as we need to wake up early the next morning to catch the sunrise.

The next morning, we gathered at the hotel lobby at 5 plus to set off for Yushan (玉山) to watch the sunrise and sea of clouds. It was very cold in the morning, the temperature was around 0oC to 2oC. So, do be well prepared for the weather!

Due to the weather conditions, we didn’t see any sea of clouds but the sunrise was great! Each of us was given a plastic film, through which we would watch the sunrise. This is to protect the our eyes.

After watching the sunrise, we returned to the hotel to have our breakfast. The warm porridge was welcoming after being in the cold air. We then met up with our guide for the forest trail. Our guide, Mr Chen is really knowledgeable in the history of Alishan and told us many stories of Alishan. One of which is that the legend of the Sisters Lakes was a fake one. The legend told that two sisters fell in love with the same man, and to prevent hurting their relationship, they jumped into the separate lakes. According to Mr Chen, this story is made up by an artist who wanted to sell his painted postcards of the two lakes. But nevertheless, the story was well spread and become a legend!

After the forest trail, we went to Alishan train station. As we were going to catch the bus to Sun Moon Lake, we did not take the train up to Zhushan, we just took some photos of the station.



Forest trail guide: 陈炤威先生 (


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