Chasing the Colours of Autumn (Taiwan 2011, Day 6)

This is the best and most tiring part of the whole trip! We booked a taxi to bring us from Cingjing to AoWanDa (奥万大). The taxi would also bring us to Taichung THSR station after that. It cost us NT2500, quite reasonable, considering the fact that we wouldn’t want to embark on our forest trail with our baggage.

We spent about 3 hours to complete the trail and returned to the visitor center. We walked past the cabin zone, Strongman Slope (好汉坡步道), Bird-watching Trail (赏鸟步道) and Forest Classroom (森林教室). The only place that I didn’t go was the Pine Tree Zone (松林区) as I was too tired and frightened (I’m acrophobic) to cross the Aowanda Suspension Bridge (奥万大吊桥). It was very tiring to complete the trail as there were many up-slope pathways, but it was worth it as the scenery was simply too beautiful! The blazing red maple leaves set against the clear blue sky was picture-perfect!




Getting to Aowanda:

Beside booking a taxi, one can also take the  Nantou bus (南投客运) from Puli (埔理) to Aowanda.

If you would like to book a taxi like us, you can contact Mr. Liu (刘华山), 0923238120, email:

When to visit Aowanda:

  • To catch the autumn’s hues, one should visit between November and March.
  • To catch the cherry blossoms, one should visit between December and March.
  • To catch the fireflies, one should visit between April and June.

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