An Alternative to Ding Tai Feng (Taiwan 2011, Day 6)

Most of us who want to try steamed dumplings (小笼包) in Taiwan, we would think of Ding Tai Feng (鼎太丰). The dumplings in Ding Tai Feng are good and they have many outlets in other parts of the world too. However, we found another restaurant in Taipei that was said to serve dumplings better than Ding Tai Feng! This little restaurant is called 明月汤包. Although it’s a small restaurant, its steamed dumplings are voted the 2nd most popular in 2004. Not only that, it has been featured on TV before and is also well-known among Japanese. In fact, we saw a Japanese family in the restaurant, eager to try out the dishes recommended by the guidebook in their hands 🙂

We ordered crabmeat steamed dumplings, pan-fried dumpling (锅贴) and fried rice with shrimps. The steamed dumplings were indeed delicious and full of juice. The pan-fried dumplings were also special and different from others as there is a layer crust at the bottom. The shrimps used in the fried rice were also very fresh. I highly recommend this restaurant if you want to try tasty steamed dumplings at a cheaper reasonable price.




Main outlet: 台北市基隆路2段162之4號

Branch outlet: 台北市通化街171巷40號


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