Cheers! 干杯!Kanpai Restaurant (Taiwan 2011, Day 7)

Kanpai is a chain of BBQ restaurants opened by Asahi, a Japanese beer company. One can find Kanpai restaurants in Taipei and Taichung. Kanpai is very popular among the yuppies in the cities and we had to make reservations before we even arrived in Taiwan!

You may wonder how we come to know about the restaurant. We actually saw it on TV – not in a travel and eating variety show, but in a few Taiwanese Idol dramas!  For those of you who love to watch Taiwanese Idol dramas too, do you remember which shows Kanpai had appeared in? Two that I can think of are “My Queen” (败犬女王) and “Material Queen” (拜金女王). It is also said that many celebrities love to go there too.

We went to the main restaurant (本店) in Taipei, it is also the first restaurant in the chain to open in Taiwan. The walls of the restaurants are all decorated with photos of their customers, an interesting concept. Our orders came very quickly and the best part is that the waiter who took our orders actually helped us to barbecue! But I could also see that some customers chose to barbecue their own food.

The food is not bad. But the finale of the night is the Kanpai time at 8 p.m. Before 8, the staff went to different tables and asked some questions about the customers such as why they come to the restaurant. Once they have the information of most of the tables, they will introduce the different groups of customers to the whole restaurant during Kanpai time. After which, you can finish your drink and have a free refill!

We enjoyed the ambience of the restaurant and highly recommend those of you who are going to Taiwan to visit the restaurant 🙂


Kanpai Main Restaurant:



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