How it all started?

Recently, I’ve read a blog post by Walkingon Travels sharing Who, What, Where and When she was inspired to travel. I’m greatly inspired by her to write a similar post too.

Who: I’ve never travelled to any other countries until I graduated from university. Neither have any of my immediate family members travelled overseas before. So, who inspired me to travel? It was my two best friends who travel frequently and tell me their adventures. They make me feel like going out to see the world!

What: Although I enjoyed my first trip, but it was only after I’ve bought my first digital compact camera that I felt the urge to go for more trips. What excites me most during every trip is the ability to take photos of the wonderful and beautiful scenery and share with my family and friends.

Where: My first trip was a budgeted travel package to Europe. It was fun as I got to know many friends and some I still keep in contact. I’ve also visited many places such as the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and Colosseum. These are place that I used to see on TV only! It was also much fun when we were given free time to venture on our own and we went to watch a musical in London. It was my first taste of free-n-easy travelling, which I fell in love with.

When: I was 22 years old when I first board a plane and went overseas. Everything was so exciting, seeing the clouds and mountains from the plane’s window. Even going through the customs was exciting to me! It was a truly memorable trip with so many “firsts”!

If you like this post, why not start writing a similar one yourself?


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