Countdown to 2012 @ Taipei (Taiwan 2011, Day 8)

One of the main objectives of the Taiwan trip is to watch the Countdown 2012 at Taipei. The Countdown celebration starts around 7 p.m. but we didn’t want go there so early and stood in the cold for hours. So, we went for dinner first before going down around 9 something.

We decided to give the concert a miss as we wanted to get a good place near Taipei 101 to watch the fireworks. According to a Smashbox salesperson we met at a shopping centre, the best spot to watch the fireworks is the space between Shin Kong Mitsukoshi A11 (星光三越) and Taipei 101. So, we went there and found a spot to sit down and wait for the firework.

When the clock strikes 12, the fireworks started and we are engrossed in the magical and colourful fireworks display! After the fireworks, we then rushed to the performance area to watch Show Law’s performance.


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