Staying in a Castle in Yilan (Taiwan 2011, Day 9)

We didn’t do much in Yilan except to go to their local night market and take photos in our minsu, Sigma Castle (希格玛花园城堡). This is mainly because of the rain and the fact that our minsu is too pretty and comfortable!

The facade of the minsu is that of a castle and that explains the name. The beautifully decorated room that we stayed in made us feel that we are princesses. Pictures speak a thousand words, so enjoy the photos!

The facade

The outside of the minsu is modelled to look like a castle.

 The living room

The living room and dining room are beautifully decorated with pretty ornaments.


The room

The dreamy room that makes us feel like princesses.

The afternoon tea

Afternoon tea for guests at 3.30 p.m. The Roselle tea is a must-try.

The breakfast

Breakfast includes many delicious local delights such as fishball noodle and spring onion fried pancake.


Sigma Castle’s Address:

宜蘭縣員山鄉深福路236號( 金車威士忌酒莊對面)

Tel:0987-275539/03-9233124 (AM:10:00~PM8:00)

Fax:03-9232754 e-mail:


7 thoughts on “Staying in a Castle in Yilan (Taiwan 2011, Day 9)

  1. Hi Blurfaerie, we took the TRA train (台铁) from Taipei to Yilan. Then we took a cab to the minsu. The minsu is kind of difficult to find as it is located off the main road, so I’ll advise to get a cab. Hope that the information is helpful to you. Enjoy your trip! 🙂

  2. Hi, may I know whether did sigma castle asked you to fill up a credit card authorization form for payment when you booked the room? Because I was asked to fill up the form providing all details of my credit card including the 3 numbers security code at the back of the credit card.

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