A cosy nice little place 何家 (Taiwan 2011, Day 10)

The minsu we stayed in Hualien, 何家民宿 is a very nice cosy little place, very different from the one we stayed in Yilan which is grand.

The owner of the minsu is very friendly and she told us that setting up a minsu is her dream. That’s why she quit her job and turns her house into a minsu. All the decorations were done by her and we are really impressed with her passion!


Their rooms are simple and cosy too and I like the brightly-coloured walls!


室內電話:03-8223382 訂房專線:0937-165884
E-mail:hejia@pixnet.net 地址:花蓮市府前路524號


3 thoughts on “A cosy nice little place 何家 (Taiwan 2011, Day 10)

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    • Sure. You can reblog some of my material as long as you put a credit to my site 🙂
      I’ve taken a look at your blog and I must say you have a very good idea and intention. I like your entries on Hong Kong and Mexican muddy water. I’m following your blog now.
      As for the technical question, if you are talking about the comment box at the bottom of each blog entry, you have it too. You just need to click on a blog entry and you’ll see it at the bottom. If I’m not wrong, it’s only availble in the individual blog entry.

      • Thanks for the reply. Every time I reviewed my blog I couldn’t find it. Thanks for following. I look forward to seeing your future entries. Cheers.

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