DIY: Art Attack in Taichung (Taiwan 2011, Day 13)

We tried traditional almond paste and fried fritters in the famous shop <三時茶房>. Many travel guides and blogs have recommended this shop. The paste was thick and fragrant and the fritters were so fresh and crispy! The shop is tucked in a small lane from the main road, so you’ll need to open your eyes to look out for its green walls and red signage.

It was in this shop that we came across a free magazine called “Exploring Central Taiwan in a Beautiful Way: La Mere Terre”. The magazine introduces the art scene in Taichung and also recommends cafes to go for a laid back afternoon. The book also have a 1D and 2D itinerary to tour Taichung.

But what caught our eyes was an article on shops that offer D.I.Y classes. We were interested in a ceramic cups painting course offered by Royal Sun Young (翔旸瓷). So, we set off for the shop, but was told that we need to call beforehand to arrange for a session because it takes time for the painting to set on the cups. But being nice and helpful Taiwanese, they offered to let us try out decoupage instead and we were happy to do it since we were in an arty mood that day 😉








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