Kansai (Japan) Trip Itinerary

I went on an 18-day trip to Kansai, Japan during late March and early April. This trip is a Hanami (Sakura or cherry blossoms viewing) trip, so we have to monitor the blooming period of the sakura and make sure we are in either Osaka or Kyoto during that time. We checked the blooming period from Japan-guide.com. They have a page reporting on the status of the cherry blossoms in various parts of Japan.

Here’s the details of our itinerary. Hope that it may serve as a reference for those of you who are interested in going to the Kansai, Japan.

We based ourselves in Osaka most of the time and make day trips out to different destinations. This is made possible with the two 3-day Kansai Thru Pass that we’ve purchased. We planned our “expensive trips” during the days we use the passes so that it’s more worthy.


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