See the Globe on a Student’s Budget

Not long ago, KC Owens from Blogging Across the Pond approached me to publish a post that he has written on travelling. Since we are both travel enthusiasts, I say “Why not?” So, here’s his post, enjoy!

KC Owens has written and submitted this article. KC is a college student who loves traveling, college life, fitness and a good survival kit. He enjoys studying different cultures, meeting new people and leaving his footprint somewhere most people only read about.

If you are a student ready to take the plunge into world travel, then you can get there by saving a little money and working hard to have enough cash to carry. With a little research and thorough planning, you can make your dream travel a reality while you are still a student. Follow this guide of travel tips to stay on budget and to make it back home without going broke!

1. Saving Enough Money and Paying Your Way

The key to a successful vacation abroad is having enough money to cover your trip. If you can manage it, take on a part-time job during the semester and a full-time job during your summers in between school; I do this and it helps quite a bit while both paying for school and funding an adventure. If you can estimate how much your total trip will cost, you can set a goal for saving. Before leaving on my first trip, I did not meet my budgeting goal so I researched what other options I had and according to Credit Card Insider, many students are using credit cards to help afford their education, bills and vacations. If it worked well for others I thought it would work well for me, too. Having a student credit card was a lifesaver for my trip. First, it allowed me to buy plane tickets without having the cash up front before my trip. Then, while I was traveling it automatically exchanged currencies for me so I didn’t have to waste time and money at kiosks every time I jumped the border. It even kept me safer because most pickpockets look for travelers who pull out a wad of cash when they pay for different items. By having a credit card, I was able to save time and money before my trip and during it. I wouldn’t recommend a card to everyone, but I would recommend doing some research to find out what could be a viable option for you and your travel budget.

2. Pack Lightly

By packing everything I need for my adventures into one small bag, I save tons of money. How? Most airlines and train companies charge their passengers extra for having numerous heavy bags; if you only have one small carry on, your ticket will be much cheaper. It also saves you money because you only need to buy one locker at a hostel instead of several. Over a week or a few weeks, this can add up to a lot of money! Select clothes that you can wash easily and that will air-dry quickly, such as microfiber and cotton mixes. By doing this, you can wash your clothes quickly in a sink and have them dry. This allows you to pack fewer clothes, carry a smaller bag and not have to pay for Laundromat services while abroad.

3. Plan Overnights before you Arrive There

Planning ahead of time is always a great idea no matter what you’re doing. When traveling, it’s the best decision you can make. I always plan ahead because when I don’t, something goes wrong. Once, my travel buddy and I spent a night outside in the cold because we both forgot to book a hostel. Now that’s bad planning. Now, I always book hostels a few days in advance. This saves money and it allows me to plan other things like sightseeing, tours and mountain climbs. Make sure you book a room with several beds, as your bill will be much cheaper than if you were to rent a private room. Also, pick a hostel outside the city limits; they tend to be much cheaper than that right in the heart of the city.

Get ready for budget travel to your favorite destination or to a locale that you have dreamed of for a long time. All it takes is a little planning and saving to see the world on a student’s budget. Follow this guide of travel tips, and you will be there before you know it!


Photo with courtesy of Piotr Ciuchta


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