Looking for accommodation in Taiwan

I usually look for accommodation in the following 3 sites. Out of the 3, asiatravel.com offers the cheapest quotations.

But for this taiwan trip, we decided to use taiwan-based portals to search for hotels. Reason being these websites offer more hotels at a cheaper rate. We found two such sites:

Both sites offer English version so there’s no problem for travellers who do not understand Chinese. 🙂


Looking for cheap air tickets to Taipei

My friend and I plan to fly to Taipei during the last week of December and it is so difficult to get cheap air tickets for that period. A few of my friends recommended Misa Travel.

The site is easy to use, offering many options such as higher fares and alternate dates when there are no available seats for the original departure and arrival dates.

They really do have good promotions for flying to Taipei, however, we still go to the airlines’ websites to compare the prices.

Initially, we saw a better offer from Misa Travel which is $690 per pax by TransAsia Airways. However, by the time we want to book it, it was already sold out. So, we settled with JetStar and booked the air tickets from JetStar’s website.


Here’s a tip when you need to check the airfare from budget airlines. Always go all the way to the last page where they ask you to key in your credit card details. Any quotations before this may not include all the hidden charges! But of course, there’s no need for you to key in your card details yet.

For JetStar, you even have to choose the type of credit card that you’ll be using to get the full quotation as they charge a service fee for processing non JetStar Mastercard. Hope this tip is useful!

Looking for affordable accommodations in Japan?

I’ve friends who visit Japan frequently and they always manage to find cheap and affordable accommodations. They’ve introduced 2 websites to me which they used to search for cheap accommodations in Japan, be it hotels, ryokans or minshukus. The 2 sites are Jalan.net and Rakuten. Although these 2 sites offer English versions, but it is better if you understand basic Japanese!

Jalan.net: http://www.jalan.net/en/japan_hotels_ryokan/
Rakuten: http://travel.rakuten.com/