B&B for Music Lovers (Taiwan 2011, Day 12)

The place that I stayed in Tai Chung was an incredible B&B for music lovers. The Forro B&B is located on the 2nd floor of its cafe – Forro Cafe. An interesting concept but it can get a bit noisy at night if you want to return to your room and retire early.

All the different rooms are decorated according to different themes. The one that I stayed in was a Rocker room. When I entered the room, I could recognise immediately that the furniture are from IKEA (I’m a big fan). The room was clean but a bit old and used.

The cafe on the 1st floor was interestingly decorated. My favourite corner was a Marilyn Monroe collage created by memo pads. I strongly recommend visitors to Tai Chung to visit the cafe even if you are not staying in the B&B. Not only is it nicely decorated, there are live performances by budding musicians on certain nights. So, do not miss out this great place if you are a music lover!

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04-23101661 (每週二店休)

Looking for accommodation in Taiwan

I usually look for accommodation in the following 3 sites. Out of the 3, asiatravel.com offers the cheapest quotations.

But for this taiwan trip, we decided to use taiwan-based portals to search for hotels. Reason being these websites offer more hotels at a cheaper rate. We found two such sites:

Both sites offer English version so there’s no problem for travellers who do not understand Chinese. 🙂

Looking for affordable accommodations in Japan?

I’ve friends who visit Japan frequently and they always manage to find cheap and affordable accommodations. They’ve introduced 2 websites to me which they used to search for cheap accommodations in Japan, be it hotels, ryokans or minshukus. The 2 sites are Jalan.net and Rakuten. Although these 2 sites offer English versions, but it is better if you understand basic Japanese!

Jalan.net: http://www.jalan.net/en/japan_hotels_ryokan/
Rakuten: http://travel.rakuten.com/